Burning the Bible

Bible Abbreviations

   Here are the abbreviations used in this book for Bibles. With the exception of the King James Bible, none of the Bibles listed below are based on the Majority Text. With the exception of the KJV, Bibles published prior to 1870 are not listed below, since we did not abbreviate their names.

AV Authorized Version 1611

Authorized by King James I of England, it is thus called the King James Version. In this book, we will generally speak of it as the "King James Bible" or "the King James."

ARV American Revised Version

(See under ASV, American Standard Version.)

ASV American Standard Version 1901

From its inception in 1901, down to the early 1960s, this Bible was called the American Revised Version (ARV). But, since the early 1960s, it has been referred to as the American Standard Version (ASV). In this book, we will generally refer to it by its current name.

BLE Bible in Living English 1972

Translated by Steven Byington, this Bible is published by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

ERV English Revised Version 1881, 1885

This translation was initially called the Revised Version (RV); but, by the 1940s, it came to be known as the English Revised Version (ERV). We will generally refer to it by its current name.

JB Jerusalem Bible 1966

This is a Roman Catholic Bible, but more moderate than most of them.

KJV King James Bible 1611

This Bible is also known as the King James Version or Authorized Version (AV). We will always refer to it as KJV.

LB Living Bible 1971

This is the heavily paraphrased Bible by Kenneth Taylor. It is even more doctrinally prejudiced than the Phillips.

NAB New American Bible 1970

This is a Roman Catholic Bible.

NASB New American Standard Bible 1971

This is sometimes called the New American Standard Version. We will refer to it as the NASB.

NEB New English Bible 1970

This is a partial paraphrase Bible.

NIV New International Bible 1973

This is the most popular modern Bible.

NWT New World Translation 1961

This is a Jehovah's Witness Bible.

Phillips Translation 1958-1973

This is the heavily paraphrased version by J.B. Phillips, published under various titles.

RSV Revised Standard Version 1946, 1952

RV Revised Version, 1881, 1885

(See under ERV, English Revised Version.)

TEV Today's English Version 1966

Good News for Modern man. This is the American Bible Society edition.