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Christmas, Easter, and Halloween

 Where Did They Come From?

Vance Ferrell

How thankful we can be for Jesus Christ, what He has done for us—and is doing right now. This book does not question the reality of our Lord and Saviour, the great work of redemption, or His soon coming in the clouds of heaven to redeem His people.

We do not question the truth of Christ’s birth, but we would like to know where "Christmas" came from? And why is it celebrated on December 25? Who is "Santa Claus" and how did he get into Christmas?

We value the resurrection of Christ from the grave, but we would like to know the origin of "Easter," and why it is celebrated with bunny rabbits and colored eggs.

Then there is Halloween. Where did it come from? Why is it connected with witches, misshappen creatures, fires, and skeletons?